The American Label System

In America, we have a tendency to label each other in cruel, viscous ways. Words like “Gay”, “Communist”, “Socialist”, “Black”, “Arab”. These are words to describe the diversity we have in our country, but we use them in nasty, awful ways. This, is the American Label System. We think of ourselves as a progressive, leading nation power, but we still can’t work past our differences and get along.

These words are thrown around so much, I don’t think most people understand what their saying anymore. I don’t even think they know why they say these things. In truth, they say these things, mostly out of scapgoating or fear. Its the fear that will always control people.

In truth, none of the labels I listed above are bad. Gays have as many rights as straight people do. In my opinion, they have every right to get married and have a family. Also, in my opinion, the government has no place in marriage. Marriage is a religious ceremony, not a federal issue. Communists and Socialists¬†have had a bad rap in our country because of McCarthyism and the Red Scare.¬†In reality, most people who fear them don’t take the time to sit down and understand their political ideologies. Blacks in our country have had a long and sad journey to who they are today. They have been through enough hardships, and in truth, they’re isn’t much difference in the skin tones. The color dosen’t make the person, its what is inside. Arabs have had a hard time more recently due to the National tradegy of 9/11. Don’t get me wrong, this event will effect our nations history forever, and it was what it is- a tradgedy- but it gives us no right to treat Arabs the way we do in this country. They have every right to be here as much as we do.

I will finally introduce myself using the American Label System. I am from New Orleans. I am a Reform Jew. I am a Democratic Socialist. I am a femisnist. I am white. I am a female.

Lastly, the label I think everyone forgets to mention. I am a human being.

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